What was your experience of the care you received from the midwives?

Our goal is to improve the care of women by midwives in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period. To help us do this, we would like to ask you about your experience of the midwifery care. We would like to invite you to take part in our 40-minute survey. This occurs once your child is approx. 4 months old, and can be done by post or online.

If you would like to take part, you can register now: You will receive a postcard from your hospital or birthing centre, which you can send to us. You can also go online at www.hebab.nrw or contact Mirjam Peters on 0234 / 77727 – 659, to receive further non-binding information or apply to take part in the survey.

We guarantee your data privacy. In the survey, great emphasis is placed on the observation of ethical and data privacy law provisions. The execution of the research project has been assessed and evaluated
positively by the Committee of Ethics of the Hochschule für Gesundheit, University of Applied Sciences (hsg). Your contribution is important to us! Your opinion is a valuable contribution to our research project. Your participation helps us to provide future mothers and their new-born babies with better care, and thereby give them the best-possible start to parenthood and life.

Yours, Prof. Dr Rainhild Schäfers, Project Manager


Study contact: Mirjam Peters
M.Sc. Public Health and midwife

Please feel free to contact me at:
0234 77727 – 659 // hebab.nrw@hs-gesundheit.de